17th Legislature

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He led the way in legislative debates and inevitably, culminated in an Act (No. 5275) mandating the use of $16 million ITT tax monies for back wages due to government workers. This was considered an unprecedented move for a Republican Senator to support laborers, as it’s not tradition within the Party. Yet, Redfield has always put the needs of Virgin Islanders first and political parties second. In another unprecedented move as a Republican Senator, he joint prime sponsored a Bill (No. 17-0101) to increase the minimum wage for Virgin Islanders, which at the time was below the national average. 

Redfield’s philosophy has always been to legislate a “conscious” among the finance industry whenever needed, while still recognizing the importance and value of a free market. Turning to long-term economic recovery for individuals and businesses, the Senator saw another example of injustice. He realized the finance companies were preying upon the most vulnerable Virgin Islanders with outrageous interest rates. Thus, he successfully pressured the industry to reduce personal loan rates from an average of 29 percent to 21 percent (Bill No. 20-0229) and limited the amount of interest they could charge. Additionally, Senator Redfield has always opposed moratoriums for economic development and as such, increased tax-based incentives for businesses on St. Croix, as well as for new businesses to locate here.

Maintaining Virgin Islanders pride and respect without compromising, it has always been the Senator’s motto that a trip to Washington DC should be to ask for a helping hand – never a handout. In his role as Legislative Liaison to the White House, he recognized there were economic policies in place that were causing the Virgin Islands to lose their economic advantage. So he successfully lobbied and testified in front of the US Congress to secure favorable treatment of the local watch industry to continue duty-free watch exports, and to give the Virgin Islands greater control over its economic destiny.

As National Committeeman and Chairman of both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush campaigns for the Territory, Redfield was designated by the White House to be point person for federal judges and US Attorneys.

George H. W. Bush, Vice Presidential visit - 1987
It was in 1987, that Redfield as Legislative Liaison to the White House personally reached out to the US Executive Office requesting a visit to the territory. And it was St. Croix that was honored to have Vice President George Bush as a guest during this historic visit to the Virgin Islands, which created unparallel exposure for St. Croix. It was the first historic visit from an in-office Vice President at the time.

Redfield felt that autonomy and self-determination was significantly importance to de-politicize the Territorial Hospital Boards. And as such, Redfield co-sponsored legislation with Senator Lorraine Berry to create independent Boards that are still in existence today. While there are still challenges that affect the Territorial Hospital Boards, Redfield strongly believes we should still continue to support their independent designation for the betterment of our community.