18th Legislature

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Showing his disgust for injustice yet again, Redfield primarily sponsored several bills to support Virgin Islanders during this challenging time. To combat the rampant price gauging, Redfield successfully put through legislation (Bill No. 18-0179) where for the first time, price controls were codified and implemented, giving the Governor the power to apply emergency price control regulations when needed.  He also put forth legislation that required (Bill No. 18-0203) the banking industry pay the interest into escrow accounts, and that banking institutions grant deferments to residents who suffered heavy property damage and loss in the wake of Hurricane Hugo.  Additionally, taking on the insurance industry during Hurricane Hugo, Redfield was a prime sponsor of a Bill (No. 18-0444), asking that insolent insurers not be able to use "failure to resolve a claim or file an action" as a defense, within one (1) year arising from Hurricane Hugo.  Not to lose sight of the heroes that emerged during this time, Senator Redfield made sure to honor and commend WAPA and VITELCO employees in legislation (No. 18-0213) for their extraordinary efforts (in some cases, putting their lives on the line) during the hurricane.

It’s a known fact that if an individual develops a pattern of abusing animals it leads to violent adult behavior, and insensitivity to that individual's relationship with other human beings. Utilizing his close working relationship with the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center, Senator Redfield championed the issue of animal cruelty with his Bill (No. 18-0063) that made it a felony to fight and bait dogs, to include the confiscation of equipment used to train a fighting dog, or to stage, promote or advertise a dog fight, and to require the registration of dangerous dogs.

Redfield also recognized that our children were being preyed upon by drug dealers directly at school and on school grounds.  Thus, he successfully worked to prohibit illegal drug sales on school grounds and increased the time spent in prison if a person was caught selling drugs.  Redfield wanted to make a clear statement-– that Virgin Islands schools would be off-limits for drug pushers and would maintain a zero tolerance environment for drugs. Recognizing the merits of this legislation, Governor Farrelly incorporated it into his own comprehensive anti-drug measures.

Additionally, it was Senator Redfield in this 18th Legislature that put forth legislation to proclaim the third week in May as “Virgin Islands African Heritage Week,” which Governor John DeJongh made official this past May, 2011.