22nd Legislature

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Redfield was a prime sponsor of a referendum exclusively for St. Croix allowing residents the opportunity to vote on legalized casino gambling (No. 20-0405).  A second referendum has led to the casino gambling available on St. Croix today.

He also stood up for St. Croix’s exclusive $1 million budget for tourism-related advertising, and was the prime sponsor for a Bill (No. 22-0046) to appropriate monies from the anti-litter and beautification fund to support the Youth Employment programs.  He remains a vocal supporter of the Anti-Litter Commission to this day and believes the Virgin Islands is truly America’s Paradise.  Keeping it clean and litter free, will allow all Virgin Islanders and visitors to partake in its beauty.

On the issue of election reform, Senator Redfield established legislature (Bill No. 22-0231) to ensure an opinion poll was provided to Virgin Islanders on how best to elect their leaders. Virgin Islanders were finally given the option to choose if they wanted to elect the Attorney General and the method in which they preferred to elect their senators; i.e. territorial at-large seats, geographical sub-district seats, numbered seats, or status quo.