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The U.S. Virgin Islands has the single largest U.S. border of any jurisdiction under the American Flag. Its border is porous and surrounded by water and foreign jurisdictions. The Territory lies directly within the trans-shipment route of illicit cargo between the U.S. and South & Central America. As a result we have become a target and easy point of entry into the United States for human trafficking, guns and drugs. As your delegate to Congress it will be one of my primary objectives to encourage greater presence and participation within the Territory by federal agencies such as the Customs and Border Patrol Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard. It is imperative that these agencies have a permanent and significant presence in the Territory. I will encourage the Coast Guard to permanently station a cutter and helicopter in the Territory to assist in drug, gun, and human trafficking interdiction, as well as search and rescue. Customs and Border Patrol will be able to provide greater coverage of our borders. Our relationships with federal law enforcement agencies have been tenuous at best.

As your Congressman, rather than an adversarial attack on these law enforcement partners, I will foster a greater understanding of the unique nature of the Virgin Islands and help provide a platform for mutual assistance and benefit established through greater mutual respect.