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WAPA and the cost of energy is currently the number one issue that is facing the Virgin Islands today. People’s lives are so greatly impacted that they are forced to choose between electricity or food and/or health care. Within a few months experts are projecting that cost of electricity in the Virgin Islands could exceed 55 cents per KwH and the cost of gasoline to over $5.50 per gallon. This is unacceptable and unsustainable. These electric rates and fuel cost have already caused numerous V.I. businesses to close and have placed many others on the verge of collapse. In addition, these costs are keeping potential new businesses from locating in the Virgin Islands. As your congressman I look at this from a bipartisan basis: the only way we are going to work our way out of this problem both locally and nationally is to come together politically and move forward in an expeditious manner. The luxury of studying the issue is over; we are past the time of research, debate and procrastination and need decisive action to move immediately on implementation. The fate of the Virgin Islands is at stake. I support a diversified energy strategy with Liquefied Natural Gas as the main fuel source complemented by wind and solar.

  1. Lower energy costs will enable the Virgin Islands to preserve and expand our overall economy and create meaningful jobs.
  2. Liquefied Natural Gas is a fuel source that is significantly lower in cost than any other form of energy today.
  3. The use of natural gas, as our primary fuel source, is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly source of energy that can meet our primary energy demand.

As your congressman I will encourage the administration to declare an energy emergency. This would allow for the various federal approval processes to move forward at an accelerated rate. I will actively work with the federal regulatory and enforcement departments such as: Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, United States Department of Transportation, Homeland Security, Corps of Engineers and the United States Coast Guard, to ensure a timely approval process.  What is it going to do locally? It will create a sense of urgency in the territory regarding the issue, and I will work with the executive and legislative branches in the Virgin Islands to coordinate these efforts in Washington.