Hurricane Marilyn

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Redfield became a renowned and recognized leader in the midst of the crisis.  Multiple editorials complimented his tenacity, grace under pressure, and disciplined leadership during this time. The “Hurricane Marilyn/Virgin Islands Recovery” was simulcast on over six radio stations where Redfield was on 24 hours a day, continuously reassuring and encouraging Virgin Islanders to hang on, and not to lose faith despite the horrific damage surrounding them.  He was seen as the “bright voice” in the darkness when there was no power available on the islands, and people were shrouded with uncertainty and fear. He kept Virgin Islanders up-to-date about factual post-storm advisories throughout the nation and the world, sharing messages to loved ones who were otherwise unable to communicate, bringing in the highest ranking government officials to speak about the recovery efforts, and included Spanish translations of broadcasts  to assure that Spanish-speaking islanders were also informed and part of the recovery process.  To this day, whenever a disaster is expected to strike the Virgin Islands, Redfield’s voice is the one that most turn to as their credible and trustworthy resource.